30 Nov 2020

For how long will Shahry monthly credit last

For How Long will Shahry’s Monthly Credit Balance Last?

Download Shahry from Google Play or App Store, if you often find yourself in situations where you want to buy an item, but can’t afford to pay full price right away. Shahry is your way of buying now and paying later. The process for getting credit balance through Shahry is really simple, and you won’t need a guarantor to use the app. A guarantor is usually an obstacle for those looking to pay for products in installments. All the requirements for Shahry can be easily submitted from the comfort of your home. This article will answer 3 recent questions we’ve received from users.

I applied before for other installment services and I was refused for having a bad I-score. Can I still apply for Shahry or not? And if I can, will I get accepted or not?

Anyone can apply for credit, however Shahry can accept or reject. The I-Score or the ‘Egyptian Credit Bureau’ provides information on customers' loan history and dates of installment payments. Thus, it shows any delays in payments and provides a thorough indication for credit scores. Banks, installment agencies and any credit agencies often ask for this score to use their services. Shahry has not yet identified the lowest I-Score for validating applications.

Can I use my credit balance for purchases anytime?

The credit you earn via Shahry app is valid for 6 months, provided that you purchase any of the items available on Shahry within the first month. The credit won’t be valid for use anymore after 6 months, however at Shahry we are constantly looking for ways to improve. In the near future new features will be developed and changed in our app, among them is this point.

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Shahry is a digital buy-now-pay-later credit card and wallet. The app offers the ability to buy consumer goods and services in installments over up to 36 months, with no down-payment, and starting at 0% interest / APR.

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