buy now

Buy now, pay later

Save your cash: shop anytime, anywhere and pay In flexible installments over up to 36 months, with no down-payment, starting at 0% interest / APR.

instant approval

Instant approval, no paperwork

Download the app and get instant credit with just your ID — you can also apply for credit in-store through our partner merchants.


Order online, or in-store

Shop thousands of products — online or across hundreds of partner merchants.

get back your credit

Get back your credit, every month

Every time you settle an installment, you get more instant credit — like a personal credit card.

easy settlement

Easy settlement

You can easily settle your monthly installment through Fawry, Aman, Masary, your e-wallet (like Vodafone Cash) or with your credit card.

How it Works

  • Online
  • In-Store

Get instant credit in a few simple steps

Receiving credit is easy as a breeze — you can request online or in-store, get approved, and start shopping in minutes with no down-payment, application fees or paperwork.



Download the app and sign-up.

Request credit

Go to the Credit tab and request credit online through the app.


Once approved, You can pick and buy thousands of products online and get your order delivered to your doorstep or buy in-store from any of our merchants partners.


Pay your installments using Fawry, Aman, Masary, e-wallets like Vodafone Cash or with your credit card.

Re-use credit

Every time to pay an installment, we give you back your utilized credit to make more purchases, every month.
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Shahry Partners

Become A Partner – Sell More

Do you sell products or provide services? Shahry can increase your sales to up to 50% — with zero risk. Become a Shahry certified partner and gain access to thousands of new customers.

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Shahry is a digital buy-now-pay-later credit card and wallet. The app offers the ability to buy consumer goods and services in installments over up to 36 months, with no down-payment, and starting at 0% interest / APR.

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