Buy Home and Kitchen Essentials in Installments without Down Payments

When it comes to kitchen tools, one can get a little overwhelmed by choices especially when you walk down the cooking aisle in stores. The speciality tools & utensils you see out there might give you the urgency to buy all of them for the purpose of having a well-equipped kitchen. As much as these utensils need large space, it also needs a big budget. There’s no need to worry about how you are going to afford all these kitchen equipment if you are using the Shahry app. You can simply buy whatever you need for the kitchen and pay in installments.

Here are some kitchen tools that you might need:

Chef’s Knife

A good knife is a cook’s best friend. A knife is one of the best things that you can thank yourself for investing in. The carbon-coated stainless steel will stay sharp over time. You need to visit a speciality store to find the perfect match for your kitchen. It’s best to pick a knife that you are comfortable with, one to hold comfortably in your hand. The knife needs to feel well-balanced, easy to hold, control and should have a comfortable grip. It shouldn’t feel too heavy to hold. Definitely the chef’s knife is not flimsy and trust us you will end up using it a lot in the kitchen so make sure to take care of it.


The peeler is one of the most important utensils in the kitchen. If you have seen a chef peel dozens of portions of potatoes or carrots, you will probably find them doing so easily.  It’s definitely faster to use the Y peeler to cut vegetables or fruits than the conventional rotary peeler. The Y peeler has an easy grip and is cheap. It’s beneficial especially when you are too lazy to peel vegetables or fruits with a knife. A new peel will for sure be of assistance.


You will need a strainer about 6 inches in diameter, and it will function as a pasta strainer as well as a strainer for gravy and sauces. Using a strainer will also make rinsing beans or grains easy. You will find a wide collection of strainers to choose from.

Liquid Measuring Cups

They are microwave-safe and durable. It’s best to avoid liquid measuring cups that are cheap or flimsy where the handle is likely to shrink and the jar will likely to deflate. When you are using dry measuring cups for accurate measurements you don’t want them to be skewed after a few uses.

Frying Pan

You have three options: stainless steel, cast iron or nonstick. Your first pan should be a 10-inch stainless steel skillet that won’t tarnish or crack the way nonstick pans can. This is a multi-purpose pan that can be used for almost anything except eggs.

When it comes to cast iron pans (as you know many people prefer iron pans) they are hard to take care of, which should not be a problem if you know how to clean them. There are many favorite types of stainless steel pans, indeed pans are expensive, but they can last a good 20 years. If you are unable to buy an expensive brand and pay all in cash. Use the Shahry app to pay for it in installments. You will still need a veneered dish, in other words, a spot to place aluminum or copper between stainless steel. Aluminum and copper are great heat-resistant materials. And they are coated with anti-rust stainless steel, which doesn’t trap odors and is very durable.

Cutting Board

You have to pay close attention to the cutting boards and the kitchen counters cutting boards are used on, which can be costly. What you really need is a cutting board made of hardwood (for example walnut wood and oak wood) which needs to be about 6cm thick to not get ruined when wet.

We strongly do not recommend using plastic or glass cutting boards, no matter how compatible they are with dishwashers, these types of boards can ruin knives and slip dangerously. The only exception is to buy a plastic cutting board to use just for cutting meat, as it is very easy to wash.

Measuring Spoons

Everyone has their favorite measuring spoons, it is important for the spoons to be long enough and narrow enough to fit in jars, but also strong enough not to bend or twist. We recommend spoons with half-circle ends, as they serve well for accurate measurements. Another use for these spoons is to shape cookie dough balls or any other round object.

Silicone spatulas are essential for scraping up leftovers or the sides of a mixing bowl. Also for stirring in cake mixture additives or folding egg whites in the cake batter. Make sure that the spatula is made of silicone and not rubber, otherwise it will melt under high temperature. If you usually cook lots of dishes with garlic, you may want to have a separate spoon for sweet bread only.


Sieves can be used for washing fruits or vegetables and draining pasta. Also for draining other boiled foods. We recommend a sieve that can balance on the edges of the kitchen sink. Conventional sieves with a base are also fine. Look for sieves that are made of metal or ceramic because they are definitely stronger than plastic.

Mixing Bowls

This may seem like  a no-brainer, but it’s important to have a variety of mixing bowls in the kitchen. We recommend buying bowls made of metal or glass as they are less toxic than plastic.

Mixing bowls pick up stains and odors. Large metal mixing bowls can be used for cake mixes, chopping salads or decorating vegetables. The small bowls hold 1-2 cups and are the perfect way to be super organised while cooking.

Hand Whisk

Strong metal whisks come in all shapes and sizes. Choose a medium-sized whisk with a handle that fits comfortably in your hand.

Use the whisk to mix dry ingredients together before baking or to stir in eggs. For a good batter mixture, you need a dough whisk too, but the hand whisk is more important at the moment.

Buy Home and Kitchen Essentials in Installments without Down Payments

· Buying all kitchen essentials may need a large budget and many people may not have enough cash at hand to afford them. In case you wish to pay all the amount at once in cash, Yaoota is a website for comparing prices across different online sellers where you can choose products that best suit your budget.

· In case you wish to buy products in installments, buy whatever you need from home and kitchen supplies without any down payments. And do so simply by using the Shahry app available on Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).

· Shahry stands out from other installment services, because it doesn’t require complicated documents and doesn’t ask users to visit a work office or for an agent to visit users at their home/workplace. Shahry also doesn’t ask users to provide a guarantor. It asks only for a copy of the national ID, then users can request credit and buy the products they want from Shahry’s partner stores. Then orders will be delivered at the recipients’ doorstep.

· The process of paying in installments is also easy. Users can pay them via Fawry and Aman branches that are spread throughout the nation. Paying via Fawry and Aman is possible at many kiosks located in almost all streets. So, you won’t face the problem of running out of places to pay your installments. Thus, Shahry ensures ease in every step.


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