20 Oct 2021

Buy today an Air Conditioner for summer and pay in installments without down payments or guarantors

Egypt’s summer heat waves are constantly rising, and it’s no surprise that air conditioners (ACs) have become an essential appliance for  almost every household to cool down high summer temperatures. With the increase of AC prices in the market, many people can not afford it. Thus, the Shahry installment feature might be an ideal solution in this case. Use Shahry to buy products and pay in installments without the need of down payments or guarantors. All customers need to do to use the Shahry app is to send a copy of their national ID and unlike similar installment services, guarantors, down payments or complicated documents are not needed to request credit.  There are various brands of ACs in Egypt’s market, a brand such as LG takes the lead, and buying  LG air conditioners becomes much easier when using Shahry.

LG Dualcool Inverter Compressor air conditioner

· Dualcool Inverter Compressor air conditioners come with a 10-year warranty. The Dual Inverter Compressor from LG helps solve the problems of inefficiency, ineffectiveness and noiseness. The AC cools faster, lasts longer and runs quieter. The 10-year warranty gives users the advantage of enjoying the benefits of LG for a longer period of time.

· The wide rotating  frequency compressor saves more energy and has a faster cooling range.

· 10-Year Warranty: received from TÜV Rheinland for a 10-year product life cycle.

· Energy saving: The inverter compressor constantly adjusts the air conditioning speed to maintain the desired temperature levels, in addition the Dual Inverter Compressor has an energy-saving operating range that saves more energy than the conventional compressor.

· Fast cooling: The LG air conditioner begins cooling the air quickly using the high-speed cooling range with the Dual Inverter Compressor, so it emits air farther and cools spaces faster.

· Simple sleek design: the air conditioner strikes a slim modern design and comes with a non-visible display screen. Its design makes cleaning easy and convenient besides guarantees easy installment, all with the help of  the sliding EZ filter. The non-visible screen is ideal for displaying the temperature conveniently.

· Get access to the air conditioner anytime and anywhere by using the Wi-Fi-enabled device and LG’s exclusive control house-appliance app.

· Low noise: LG air conditioners operate at low sound levels, thanks to LG’s skew fan and to the dual inverter compressor which both help eliminate unnecessary noise and allow operating smoothly.

· Quick and easy installation: LG air conditioners are designed for easier and more efficient installation, regardless of the neighboring areas and the number of people helping with the installation process. By reducing workpower and installation time, it’s now possible to install more air conditioners in homes in a shorter period of time.

· 6-step main air passage control: Users can choose the direction of the swing from 6 predefined positions to serve the exact wind direction you want.

· Dual protection filter: the filter helps capture large dust particles.

· Comfortable sleep: sleep mode ensures maximum comfort for a sleeping environment by automatically adjusting three different functions (indirect airflow/7-hour stop time setting/ soft wind and sleep time mode). All functions can be selected with a simple click of a button.

· Auto-cleaning: the auto cleaning function prevents the formation of bacteria and mold on the heat exchanger, thus it ensures a more pleasant and comfortable environment for users.

· Gold Fin ensures that the surface is more resistant to corrosion and enhances the durability of the heat exchanger for a much longer period.

· Jet Dry: Jet Dry technology prioritizes dehumidifying areas with high levels of humidity to keep the room dry and fresh.

· Fast heating: the automatic four-direction swing feature works on adjusting airflow based on the surrounding environment which allows optimal distribution of warm air in living areas and enables rapid heating.

LG Dualcool Inverter Compressor Description

· Cooling Capacity (Min ~ Rated ~ Max) 11.14 ~ 8.80 ~ 1.77 KW.

· Power Factor - heating 98% Moisture Removal 2.66L/h.

· Indoor unit - Air Flow Rate (Cooling, Max/H/M/L) 32/25/21/17 m³/min. Indoor unit -Air Flow Rate (heating, Max/H/M/L) 33/27/23/19m³/min.

· Indoor unit - Sound Pressure Level (Cooling, H/M/L/SL)-57/52/47/43/34 dB(A). Indoor unit - Sound Pressure Level (heating, H/M/L/SL)-/57/52/47/43/34 dB(A).

· Indoor unit - Dimensions (W × H × D) - Net 1200 × 360 × 265 mm. Indoor unit - Dimensions (W × H × D) - Shipping  1280 × 455 × 357 mm.

· Indoor unit - Weight (Net) 18.5 kg.  Indoor - Weight (Shipping) 22.2 kg.

· Indoor unit - Exterior Color Code Munsell 7.5BG 10/2 (RAL 9016). Outdoor unit - Air Flow Rate (Max) 71.0m³/min.

· Outdoor unit - fan motor speed (cooling, min ~ max) 190 ~ 850 rpm. Outdoor unit - fan motor speed (heating, min ~ max) 190 ~ 850 rpm.

· Outdoor unit - sound pressure level (cooling, rated) 58 dB (A). Outdoor unit - sound pressure level (heating, rated) 59 dB (A).

· Outdoor Unit - Dimensions (W x H x D) - Net 950 x 832 x 330 mm. Outdoor unit - Dimensions (W x H x D) - Shipping 1130 x 908 x 456 mm.

· Outdoor unit - weight (net) 67.1 kg. Outdoor unit - weight (shipping) 72.7 kg.

· Outdoors - Max. Fuse Size 25A. Outdoor until - Exterior Color Code Munsell 9.54Y 8.34/1.31 (RAL 9001).

· Outdoor unit - operating range (cooling) 18 ~ 54 °C dB.  Outdoor unit- operation range (heating) -5 ~ 24 °C dB.

· Between indoor and outdoor units - max. elevation  difference 25 m. Between indoor and outdoor units - piping connection heat insulation both liquid and gas pipes.

· Refrigerant - Type R410A. Refrigerant - Pre-charged 2400g.

· Refrigerant- additional charge 30 g/m. Refrigerant - Control capillary.

Buy an air conditioner for the summer in installments without a down payment or a guarantor

· Air conditioners have become an important part of the household nowadays, especially with the summer heat waves. However, the prices of air conditioners continue to be relatively high, so many people welcome paying in installments. That way they get to purchase a good air conditioner at a reasonable monthly price range just by using Shahry. The app available on Google Play (Android) & App Store (iOS) doesn’t ask for a down payment or a guarantor, it only asks users to provide a copy of their national ID. After providing the ID copy, users will be able to request credit from the app and shop as they wish. Then Shahry will deliver orders to their doorstep.

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LG Dualcool Inverter Compressor air conditioner

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