07 Dec 2020

Reasons to Use Shahry

The Shahry app is one of Egypt’s prominent installment services. Download the app from Google Play or the App store, then it’s all simple and easy from there. And the documents required for signing up can easily be uploaded via the app. This article answers questions we recently received from users.

What makes Shahry standout from other installment services in Egypt?

Each customer has their own set of priorities and needs. They choose the type of service they use based on their needs. Shahry is keen to fulfil most of users' needs while easing up the process. One of Shahry’s qualities is that guarantors are not mandatory. Customers only need to provide a copy of their ID to get credit approval. Also, customers don’t need to visit the store or the company’s office themselves. They can do everything via the Shahry app. Customers are able to pay their bills using credit cards, electronic wallets, Aman e-payments or Fawry branches.

Based on what does the credit’s benefits differ for each user?

The benefits differ based on users’ income depending on their work contract type whether freelance or long-term. Also, it depends on the type of housing whether rental or ownership, in addition to the installment duration.

I wanted to buy a product on Souq.com via the Shahry app, but the product was not available on the app, why?

We aim to apply certain quality criteria on Shahry by choosing which products to feature on the app. The products available on our app are the products that can be bought from Souq.com using Shahry installment. Products that are not available can’t be bought with Shahry, however we are working on featuring most products in the near future.

Who deliveries orders, Souq.com or Shahry?

Orders are delivered by Souq.com. Shahry isn’t involved in the delivery process.

After choosing my products and calculating payments, I found out that there are no interests added.  How does Shahry benefit?

The total price shown with every product is the full price including interests and all additional expenses.

Is it possible to pay a deposit upfront?

Unfortunately this option isn’t available yet, however we are currently working on implementing it.

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Shahry Credit

Shahry is a digital buy-now-pay-later credit card and wallet. The app offers the ability to buy consumer goods and services in installments over up to 36 months, with no down-payment, and starting at 0% interest / APR.

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