29 Nov 2020

How to Request Shahry Credit?

Shahry is an app to help you buy products now and pay for them later. This easy-to-use installment app can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store. Although there are other similar installment services in Egypt, Shahry offers advantages you won’t find elsewhere. On top of the list of these advantages is being able to complete all the required procedures and papers just by using your smartphone and without getting out of your house or visiting the place.  Further, using the app doesn’t require a guarantor. And a guarantor is usually required for other installment services in Egypt. Another important advantage for using Shahry is that it’s available for free download on both Google Store and App Store. This article will answer 3 recently received customer questions.

Is it possible to register for Shahry with my parent’s information or the information of any other person with a fixed income?

If customers really want to benefit from Shahry, it’s best to give their own correct information during registration. Also, customers are advised to register with their own personal phone number. We totally understand that some people may find the technology of the app a little confusing or there could be some steps they can’t follow. In that case it’s perfectly fine if they ask a family member for help, and the family member can assist with data input and proceed with the required steps to complete the purchasing process.

Can my credit request be rejected even after submitting all the required information?

The request for credit balance needs to be approved by Shahry first. Shahry has the full right to decide whether to accept or reject the credit balance request submitted by customers. Thus, it’s essential to enter data with accuracy and to send required documents via the app for faster and uncomplicated approval.

How long does it take for orders to be delivered?

Souq.com is responsible for delivery, and there isn’t one specific time for packages to arrive. Souq.com usually offers fast delivery. And just by using the Shahry app you get to enjoy free delivery, which is a feature not offered by other installment services.

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Shahry is a digital buy-now-pay-later credit card and wallet. The app offers the ability to buy consumer goods and services in installments over up to 36 months, with no down-payment, and starting at 0% interest / APR.

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